Artist Statement

In my work I seek to combine multiple points of view of the subject. I create images that are a mix of multiple exposures, in camera motion, and digital layers. The result satisfies my concept of art as a harmonious ensemble of tidy chaos. I do not believe in simple images, but rather in the simplicity of the message communicated by them. My subjects are mostly drawn by nature and by the every day life scenes. I am interested in studying the shape and the texture of the elements in my image as I believe in their uniqueness. Whether I am pairing two flowers together or photographing an animal or an object in a broader context, I try to explore the multiple facets of the scene offered to me as a unique and unrepeatable moment. I am a design enthusiast and I'm excited whenever I can alter the colors and the shape of my subject. Through that transformation I feel empowered of shaping my own reality and free to communicate it to my audience.

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