Federica Ghidelli was born and raised in Italy, where she graduated in Fashion Design in a prestigious school in Milan. 
After for some years designing clothing and textile accessories, she moved to Chicago in 2013 and embraced photography as a new way to express her vision and creativity.
Ghidelli brings a lot of her designing experience into her photography work. The color palette of each photo is accurately chosen, and then combined with light and texture. The idea of ‘going beyond’ the photo, is a motto in Ghidelli’s craft, whose goal is to take the viewer through a sensorial experience.
Ghidelli’s work has been well received at prestigious photography competitions, such as Px3 and IPA, and it has been exhibited internationally. Her newest body of work 'In the Womb" was recently awarded at the 19th Margaret Cameron’s Awards, and it will showcased in Barcelona, Spain.
Ghidelli is also a curator, and associate director at Chicago Photography Classes.
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